About us

West Kent CTC is the

local organisation of 

Cycling UK


Have a look at our Publicity Leaflet and Group Page.  Click the logo above for the main Cycling UK website.


Our activities include cycle rides, cycling holidays and social events. Cycling holidays range from long weekends to a fortnight abroad. Social events include bam dances, musical evenings, slide shows and an annual dinner. Our Clubroom is open every Thursday from 20:30 at Lamorbey Pavilion, access next to 23 Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup (map).


West Kent CTC has many groups of cyclists, each catering for a separate type of rider or centred on a different area. Click the Runs List button for details of each group's current rides with a link to the chronological list of all current rides and events. We also arrange special cycling events such as Audax rides and treasure hunts and help organise charity rides.


You don't have to be a member to join a few introductory rides and it doesn't cost you anything to come along. You will be made welcome and we will be pleased to see you. Newcomers are always welcome, we hope you will continue to ride with us and, if so, you will be expected to join Cycling UK.


If you are unsure of your fitness, or find the thought of cycling daunting, try a short ride first. If in doubt, phone a contact. All rides are led by a person who knows or has researched the area, we ride as a group and no-one is left behind. We try to keep to the lanes and avoid the busier roads as much as possible. Lunch stops are usually at a country pub - bring sandwiches if you prefer. You are welcome to ride with as many groups as you wish.