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Easter in Northumberland

Easter in Northumberland Hardriders, Bexleyheaths and ex Juniors in Northumberland. Train assisted to Darlington and then cycled over the next few days to Berwick on Tweed through some of the most remote and unspoilt parts of England.

94th West Kent CTC Cycle UK Anniversary ride

The West Kent CTC / Cycle UK’s annual anniversary ride went ahead on Sunday 25th February in spite of the arctic weather of the previous week. Understandably it did put many people off but a few brave souls ventured out. Surprisingly, considering the vast quantities of snow that was still laying on Friday, the roads […]

West Kent CTC Hill Climb – Report

(Continued from above) It would be good to get a time lapse camera to record the frenetic activity as in the space of an hour from 10.00 – 11.00am a table is set up for refreshments, the stove lit and water boiled, the timekeepers prepare their watches and pads and the numbers sorted out. Then the […]

Winged Words Cycle Magazine

In this issue… An account of a Lands End – John O’Groats trip with the Medway Towns group. A review of the Sevenoaks group activities. An initial report on the Winter Weekend. Plus a round up from the riding groups AND…  of course the all important latest Runs List for May/Jun 2018 and much more… […]


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