Grab a Grimpeur!

Sunday March 25th

Our annual jaunt around the hills local to Sevenoaks, if you want to do the 100km then it’s 2 laps of a circuit, the 2nd lap in reverse to the 1st so you can “enjoy” the hills the other way round! Otherwise, the Hilly just does the one lap.

  • Starts clockwise this year.
  • Free food at the start/finish!

Easiest way to enter is through here:

If you’re not up to riding it, how about volunteering a few hours of your time to help out on the day? No tasks are too onerous, and you’ll be able to drink copious amounts of tea!

For those of you that want a West Kent CTC medal, then this is one of the qualifying rides.

Limited entries on the day will be available.